Welcome to the 34th Annual GABS Symposium

March 9, 2018, Albin O. Kuhn Library 7th Floor

Welcome to the official page of the 2018 UMBC Graduate Association of Biological Sciences (GABS) Symposium!

In here you'll find all abstracts and information.

This year's symposium aims to provide graduate students in Biological Sciences with a platform to improve communication of their work, in a number of ways:

-Poster Presentations

-Oral Presentations

-Data Blitz Presentations (Short scientific talks)

All are welcome to come learn all about the great work in UMBC Biology!

Sincerely, your GABS committee,

Sarah Avery

Mallika Bhattacharya

Kayla Lemons

Alexis Rubin

Feat. Juan Valdez-Lopez