The Grassian group focuses on the chemistry and impacts of environmental interfaces. These include atmospheric aerosols, engineered and geochemical nanoparticles, and indoor surfaces.


This website describes the ongoing research projects in the Grassian laboratory as well as some of the state-of-the-art techniques that we use in our research. In general, we are interested in fundamental molecular-based laboratory studies that provide a better molecular understanding of the surface chemistry of complex environmental interfaces. Several ongoing projects include understanding the molecular level details of the heterogeneous chemistry of trace gases with particulate matter such as mineral dust and sea spray in the atmosphere, dissolution and mobilization of Fe-containing particles, geochemical interfaces, and applications and implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in environmental processes. As you peruse this website, if you have any questions about our research please contact any of the group members.


  • September 16 - Prof. Vicki Grassian has been selected to receive the 2023 Geochemistry Division Medal! The medal ceremony will be held at the National ACS Spring meeting in Indianapolis.

  • August 4 - Congratulations to Eshani and Stephanie for being recognized for Leadership in the Promotion of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect on the ACS website. Way to go!!

  • July 1 - Congratulations to Kyle for receiving a Teddy Traylor Award! Great job!!

  • June 23 - The group extends a warm welcome to all of the undergraduates joining us this summer! We are excited to work with SURP students Jennie Lee and Mauricio Agurcia, ENLACE students Gilberto Partida and Montse Palacios-Puga, and UCSD undergrad Justin Wang!!

  • June 15 - Congratulations to Deborah for being selected as a 2022 Chemistry & Biochemistry Inclusive Excellence Award recipient!! Thank you for your important efforts and achievements in this area!

  • May 4 - Congratulations to Chris Nowak and Gordon Peiker for receiving the 2022 Joseph E. Mayer Award!! This award is given to undergraduates with outstanding achievements in research!

  • May 2 - Congratulations to Izaac for receiving a DOE's Office of Science Graduate Student Research Program award!! Izaac will be performing geochemistry research at Sandia National Laboratory to fulfill critical DOE missions and advance discovery and innovation!

  • April 27 - Congratulations to Stephanie for receiving the inaugural Physical Sciences Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Excellence Award!! Thank you Stephanie for your great work advancing equity for underserved communities!

  • April 4 - Huge congratulations to Jane Sedlak and Gordon Peiker as well as undergraduate alumnus Heidi Busse for receiving National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards!! Amazing work!!

  • March 20 - The Grassian group gives a total of 15 presentations at the ACS Spring National Meeting and Exposition!

  • February 28 - Congratulations to Stephanie for receiving the Dean's Academic Recognition Fellowship!! This prestigious award is given for academic achievements and working for advancement in equity & inclusion!

  • January 3 - The group warmly welcomes new graduate students David, Karla, Jane, Hannah, and Alexis to the group!! We are excited to work with so many talented researchers!

Group Meetings

Group meetings are held for most weeks of the academic year in-person.

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