The Grassian group focuses on the chemistry and impacts of environmental interfaces. These include atmospheric aerosols, engineered and geochemical nanoparticles, and indoor surfaces.


This website describes the ongoing research projects in the Grassian laboratory as well as some of the state-of-the-art techniques that we use in our research. In general, we are interested in fundamental molecular-based laboratory studies that provide a better molecular understanding of the surface chemistry of complex environmental interfaces. Several ongoing projects include understanding the molecular level details of the heterogeneous chemistry of trace gases with particulate matter such as mineral dust and sea spray in the atmosphere, dissolution and mobilization of Fe-containing particles, geochemical interfaces, and applications and implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology in environmental processes. As you peruse this website, if you have any questions about our research please contact any of the group members.


  • September 1 - The Grassian group is now Gold certified from the Green Labs Program!! This certification reflects positive sustainability practices the group has been implementing and the group continues to strive to utilize the best environmentally-friendly approaches in all aspects of research.

  • August 23 - Congratulations to Mike for being awarded the NSF Mathematical and Physical Sciences Ascending Postdoctoral Research Fellowship!! Mike proposed research on the environmental organic chemistry of indoor gases and surface films as well as EDI work under guidance of Allen Goldstein at Berkley.

  • August 8 - The Grassian group wishes Liz Coward the best as she starts her position at Illumina!

  • June 30 - The Grassian group warmly welcomes all our summer researchers - graduate students David Gonzales and Jane Sedlak, and undergraduates Aakash Davasam, Israel Gutierrez, Chris Nowak, Gordon Peiker and Hannah Primiano!!

  • May 27 - Chris Nowak won the Physical/Analytical poster award at the 15th annual ACS-SA Undergraduate Research Symposium. Great work Chris!!

  • May 20 - Congratulations to Mariana for passing her second year exam!!

  • May 8 - Eleanor, Gordon, and Chris give research presentations at UC San Diego's Undergraduate Research Conference. Way to highlight some group science!!

  • May 6 - Kyle Angle passes his third year exam. Way to go Kyle!

  • April 30 - Cholaphan Deeleepojananan passes her second year exam. Congratulations Cholaphan!!

  • April 22 - Gordon Peiker receives the 2021 Undergraduate Summer Research Award, congratulations to Gordon!

  • April 15 - The group wishes the best to Liubin Huang on the last day of his several year postdoctoral fellowship with the group. Best of luck on your future endeavors!

  • March 22 - Stephanie gets featured in the MPS Division of the NSF website as part of their monthly graduate student profiles! Check it out:

  • March 19 - Congratulations to Dr. Man Luo for successfully defending her thesis and earning her Ph.D.!!

  • March 11 - Congratulations to Kyle for receiving the Spring 2021 Distinguished Graduate Student Fellowship!!

  • January 8 - Congratulations to Dr. Irem Ustunol for successfully defending her thesis and obtaining her Ph.D.!!

Group Meetings

Group meetings are held remotely until further notice.

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