I'm thrilled to be here at UC Davis! I bring extensive experience as a teaching assistant of sociology and education courses at UC Davis and CSU Sacramento, and as a core adjunct professor at National University. My research explores issues of gender equity, like women's representation in academic publications and leadership. I have used both quantitative and qualitative methods in my work, which has been published in peer-reviewed journals. I've presented my findings at numerous academic conferences as well. I'm currently pursuing my PhD in Sociology at UC Davis, where I get to immerse myself in research, teaching, and learning full-time. As someone navigating life with autism, I'm deeply passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. With my robust teaching background and dedication to research, I'm eager to instruct and conduct studies in my areas of expertise. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to collaborating!

Office Information

Office Location- SSH 294

Go to the SSH building from A street. 

If you need an elevator, turn to the right (in front of the philosophy department), take it down into the courtyard, and knock on my window (the outer door remains locked). 

If you wish to take the stairs, turn to the left and go inside the glass doors. Turn right and the stairs will be on the left. Go down a floor to the basement. Turn right. My office is the last door on the left. 

Office Hours
(subject to change, with notice)

None during summer break. See you in the Fall!

Click the button below to email me (jkrebsbach@ucdavis.edu)