Welcome To

The Games Den

At the University of Alberta

Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป

We are The Games Den, the premier game design club at the University of Alberta! Our goal is to create a community of people as passionate and driven for both game design and games as we are.ย 

We are medium agnostic, meaning that we love games of all sorts, from tabletop to board to card to video games. As well, we also want to encourage people of all faculties, backgrounds, skill sets, and experience levels to get into game development.ย 

Making games is only possible with the right combination of unique skills, talents, and perspectives, so the more diversity in our group the better!

If you want to gush about your favourite game, we want to hear it.ย 

If you would like to make a game, we can help with that.ย ย 

If you have questions about the UAlberta Games Certificate program, careers in games, or making games independently, we can answer them.

Or if you just want to play games and hang out, then that's good too.

Join us in the Den!

Check out our events calendar for our weekly meetings and other events, held in-person at SUB Basement. We also meet digitally on our Discord.