The Games Den is the next iteration of the Video Game Art and Design Club (VGAD), which has served as the chief club for U of A game developers since 2010.

Our Core Pillars

Atharv giving a presentation.


We like to have all sorts of discussions and presentations from friends and members of our community.

Boris making a game.


We host game jams and provide guidance for people making games.

Playing board games.


We play games to have fun, hang out, and learn from them.

Executive team 2019-2020

Picture of Atharv

President - Atharv Vohra

As President, Atharv is responsible for setting the club's goals and direction, calling meetings, representing the club, and talking about UX design a lot.

Top games: Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hidden Ability: Caffeine Fueled - Can accomplish any task after a freshly brewed, rich flavour profile coffee.

Picture of Hugh

VP Administration - Hugh Bagan

Hugh's role as VP Administration is to assist the executive team, ensure the club is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis, and to not talk about UX design a lot.

Top games: Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Advance Wars

Theme Song: Good Times Bad Times by Led Zeppelin

VP Finance - Erron Jacob Meneses

EJ is our treasured keeper of Finance who manages the club's accounts, grant applications, fundraising, and fund-razing.

Top 3 Games: Endless Legend, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Insurgency

Passive: Keep Writing - Writes everyday, even when he's not supposed to.

Hidden Ability: Cult of Personality - Correctly name all the groups this guy is involved with to get a prize.

VP Internal - Seth Karstad

Seth, our VP Internal, is responsible for the club's internal communications among members as well as social media, events, and discord emotes.

Top Games: Mario series, Gone Home, What Remains of Edith Finch, Firewatch.

Special Ability: Height - Easily reach tall shelves, +4 to Basketball checks, and advantage on Perception checks while in crowds.

VP External - Nathaniel Romance-Senneville

As VP External, Nathaniel looks after our outgoing communications to external parties such as the U of A, the Students' Union, other clubs, and aliens.

Top 3 Games: Cataclysm DDA, Cortex Command, Strike Force Heroes

Passive: Very Punny - Increase Critical Range to 18-20 for Pun Based interaction. (Hint: They're all pun based interactions.)

VP Publicity - Amy Mallon

In her role as VP Publicity, Amy is responsible for working with the executive team to advocate and advertise the club by any means necessary.

Top games: Legend of Zelda series, Nancy Drew mystery games, Halo

Theme Song: 8 Bit Adventure by AdhesiveWombat