Advancing research in Infant Language Learning.

The Little Magpies Lab is a research lab located in Assiniboia Hall at the University of Alberta in the Department of Linguistics. Our research focus is infant language acquisition, specifically from early infancy until 3-years of age.

How do infants navigate the early stages of language learning?

In our lab, we explore children's early perception of speech while they start to take their first steps towards becoming a speaker of one or more languages. 

An image of Assiniboia Hall, an orangey/red brick building with a mix of tree in front in their fall colours of red, yellow, and green.

Our Current Reseach

We have two studies currently underway at the lab, as well as additional studies that are being prepared to take place in the near future.
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Clickable image that reads: Dialects of English How do parents speak to their children? FIND OUT MORE
Clickable image that reads: Shapes and Sounds Can words from another language be associated with a new object? FIND OUT MORE
Clickable image that reads: Additional Studies What's coming up next in the lab? FIND OUT MORE

Be Part of the Research!

We are always looking for the next baby scientists to join our research! Without participants, we are unable to do important research that will affect how we understand infant language acquisition.

Our studies are done in a safe and fun environment, and we are incredibly grateful for the parents and children who make our research possible.

If you are interested in participating in our studies you can get involved by clicking the links below.

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