First-Year Maths and Stats in Canada

Time to Rethink Our Curriculum?

May 3-5, 2019 :: University of Alberta :: Edmonton, AB

The goal of this conference is to drastically rethink the first-year university mathematics curriculum. What skills and knowledge do we want students to develop and gain in mathematics courses? What pedagogical methods are most effective? How can we create an active learning environment in large, first-year mathematics courses? Is the technical mastery of calculus, linear algebra and statistics really the most important learning objective of first year mathematics courses? This conference will bring together Canadian university mathematics faculty at all levels to discuss and actively engage in a much needed mathematics curriculum renewal process.

Registration: $50 CAD. Registration available at

Friday, May 3

Welcome reception

Keynote: Keith Mertens (co-founder of Reification, Silicon Valley)

Saturday, May 4

What should we teach?

Keynote: Chris Rasmussen (San Diego State University)

Sunday, May 5

Active learning

Keynote: Scott Rodney (Cape Breton University)


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