The Alliance for Canadian Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes (ACHORD) is an emerging team in diabetes research, in Canada and internationally. ACHORD Investigators and collaborators have been involved individually and in collaboration in various sectors of health research, namely the clinical, health services and population health sectors.

ACHORD is based at the University of Alberta, School of Public Health in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The LINK Project 

Drs Darren Lau and Dean Eurich were awarded a PRIHS 7 grant ($1.4 million over three years) to advance the care of First Nations adults with diabetes. With support and partnership from multiple First Nations, including Big Stone, Siksika, and Cold Lake, the LINK project will see the deployment of a community-oriented virtual diabetes care and care coordination service across Alberta, with the intent of improving the accessibility and appropriateness of care, and reducing diabetes-related outcomes, and the frequency of diabetes-related acute care episodes.   

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Improving Diabetes Care for First Nations

The impact of diabetes on First Nations (FN) is well known and is compounded by limited community front-line health care. The RADAR study (Reorganizing the Approach to Diabetes through the Application of Registries), aims to improve clinical care of clients … 

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Deeper Insights into Health – Data Linkage with Alberta’s Tomorrow Project

Your daily activities, such as eating, sleeping and physical exercise, can have great impact on your health. By filling out health and lifestyle questionnaires, participants of Alberta’s Tomorrow Project (ATP), the largest population-based cohort study of cancer and chronic diseases … 

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