WCSU Inservice Days 2018-2019

This site contains the information that teachers and paraeducators need in order to fully participate in the WCSU inservice days.

Teachers and paraeducators will attend the opening inservice day on Monday, August 20 in their respective schools.

Teachers and paraeducators will attend the inservice day on Tuesday, August 21 at U-32 Middle/High School.

Teachers will attend on Wednesday, August 22 at U-32. Paraeducators will not attend.

Teachers will attend on Thursday, August 23. The morning will be devoted to grade alike/subject alike/U-32 department meetings and the afternoon will be building-based. Paraeducators will not attend.

Friday, August 24 is a flex day for teachers to use at their discretion as necessary.

Teachers will attend the inservice days on October 5, 2018 and January 22, 2019. Paraeducators will not attend on either day.

For more details about what will be happening each day, please check the respective tabs on this site.