Energy Medicine.

Embodied Wisdom.

Heal.  Evolve. Thrive.

Transform your Life! 

Transformation is indeed possible at Two Owls.  Move out of overwhelm, stress, worry & anxiety... shift out of struggle, emotional or physical pain into your power, a place full of positivity and potential.... 🦋💫✨

Two Owls is about Healing 💖

Healing through awareness, embodiment and somatic touch.  This is mind-body medicine and we can achieve physical, emotional and mental shifts.  Two owls is about BE-ing comfortable BE-ing in your body, and finding & knowing inner peace.  And from this place you can experience optimal health & well-being, feel joy & a deep love and appreciation of life🙏❤️

Two Owls is  about your healing journey: healing your body, mind and spirit.  As we heal we can evolve and become the full potential of who we can be, just like the acorn grows to become the majestic oak.  

Why the Owl?

Since ancient Greek times the owl has symbolised wisdom and healing. I hold the space for you to connect to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your body for healing.  

Owls see in the dark so this represents the exploration of what is not apparent, the transpersonal element of my work and the consciousness work I do.  

Two Owls is you and me coming together...we are working with the wisdom of the body and of higher self...not our regular waking mind.

In the process of exploring ourselves, our consciousness and the parts we don't see in the mirror we are like owls seeing in the dark.

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