Be seen and be safe.

It is Florida law that you must have a head and taillight to ride a bicycle after dark. This is also the most pleasant time to ride in Florida half the year.

We have safety light sets that will allow you to be seen by vehicles. We also carry high-powered LED lighting that will illuminate the road or path ahead of you. Newer lights can produce 400 to 1300 lumens. That’s bright enough that you shouldn’t look at them directly.

Most lights also have flashing modes that make you stand out against background lights. We have brake lights that turn on when you pull the brake lever and lights that spin on your wheels.

Come find out how to light up your bike and be seen. We’ll get you ready for some evening fitness, bar biking or a parade.

We are at 5201-A N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

Call us at (813) 232-BIKE (2453)