Did you know that 84% of all people who die while riding a bicycle are not wearing a helmet? Ask anyone at a bike shop and they will recount the number of times a helmet has saved their life or at least prevented serious injury.

Did you know that helmets need to be replaced if they’ve been crashed in or are 5 years or older? The styrofoam that protects you breaks down over time, especially in the sun. Sudden impacts such as a crash can also compromise your helmet.

We have a full range of helmets, from infant sized 46cm helmets to 62cm heads.

Helmets are designed for different styles of riding.

Road helmets are more aerodynamic and allow more air flow.

Mountain helmets focus more on protection from branches and bugs.

Whatever your preferred style, we have a helmet that will be comfortable, look good and keep you safe.

State parks require a helmet for all riders. Don’t go to Alafia and wind up with a used loaner helmet from the rangers, come see us. We feature Kali Protectives which are low-cost, stylish helmets that have crash replacement. This means that if you do crash in a Kali, they will replace your helmet at wholesale.

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