New Enrollments


A parent or legal guardian must complete the online application for Foothill High School.

Parents are required to submit enrollment documents IN PERSON if not submitted within the online application.


Enrollment Checklist Flyer_English.pdf

FHS Enrollment Steps:

  1. Step One:

    • Contact your current school to formally withdraw: this process may include going in person and more importantly, returning all materials owed to that District. During your in-person withdrawal, you will need to obtain copies of the records listed below.

  2. Step Two:

    • Complete an online enrollment application by clicking the link above. When completing your application, you will upload copies of the below needed records:

        1. Copy of Birth certificate or Passport

        2. Copy of Parent/Guardian driver’s license or other government issued identification

        3. Proof of residency – copy of the lease, mortgage, utility bill ( SMUD, PG&E, water) or property tax bill with a parent or guardian’s name

        4. Copy of full immunization record, including proof of T-dap vaccination

        5. Incoming 9th - 12th grader - copy of withdrawal report (including withdrawal grades, high school transcripts, attendance report, and discipline report)

        6. (If applicable) Copy of English language learner scores from last school site.

        7. (If applicable) Copy of 504 Plan

        8. (If applicable) Copy of Special Education IEP from last school site

  3. Step Three:

    • Please allow 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS to receive a response indicating if your student is complete or if your student is incomplete. Your student is not permitted to begin school until you receive an email from the Registrar, Mrs. Brown.

Incomplete Enrollments

It is the parent's responsibility to provide these items or secure the most up-to-date records are received from your student's last school. To -do this, please upload all documents to the enrollment application before submission.

Incomplete applicants will receive a e-mail to the account listed on the application. It is very important to follow the steps listed in the e-mail.

For parents that need assistance obtaining records, please first considered the Frequently Asked Questions listed below and/or forward the incomplete e-mail to the last school site and inform them to forward the records to my office directly either via fax or e-mail.

Fax Coversheet_Enrollment Records request.pdf

For Special Education students, we strongly encourage you to bring the most recent copy of your student's IEP to secure your students is placed in the correct classes.

Failure to receive a copy of the IEP may result in delay in enrollment or incorrect placement until it is received by the TRUSD Special Education department.

Once your application is processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

This e-mail is very important as it will include start date, Counselors, materials pickup and next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to submit all enrollment documents? Yes, it is the parent's responsibility to submit all enrollment documents, either within the online application or in-person.

  2. I don't have all the enrollment documents - can I still apply? Yes, but this will delay the enrollment of your student. It is your right as a parent to receive a copy of all enrollment records from your student's last school. Please contact your student's last school to request copies. A request can be sent to the school on your behalf but it will be the parent's responsibility to follow-up with the last school to secure that request is fulfilled.

  3. I am not the biological parent - can I still enroll a student? Yes, you can still enroll the student. If your name is not listed on the birth certificate, you must submit proof of guardianship. Proof of guardianship is court-appointed documents, notarized letter from the parent or other court appointed guardian, caregiver affidavit.

  4. I am not the homeowner of this residence - do I still need to submit proof of residency? Yes, proof of residency is required for all student enrollments. Along with attaching one of the required items, be sure to list the homeowner as a contact on the application, and attach any piece of mail you receive to the home.

  5. My student previously attending a TRUSD school site - do I need to reapply? Yes, once your student is disenrolled, you must submit a new enrollment application. Depending on how recent your student was dis-enrolled will determine what items are needed for re-enrollment. Please contact our office to secure what item may be needed.