Security & Safety


TVSD employs software for filtering web content both in and out of school, provided that the student is logged into a district-issued Chromebook. A student will be filtered as though they were accessing the web from within the district. Web content filtering will remain in effect 24x7.

The ability for the district to filter and monitor student access to district-issued devices is in accordance with the TVSD Acceptable Use Policy, SB 815.

Monitored Activity

TVSD will employ software for monitoring student activity. This software allows our teachers to view students' screens while sitting in their classroom during class sessions. Monitoring is in effect while accessing district-issued Chromebooks when all of the following conditions are met:

  • A student uses their school Google account (i.e. the account).
  • Students login to a district-issued Chromebook between 7AM and 3:30PM, Monday - Friday.
  • Students are logged into a district-issued Chromebook on school property.

More on monitoring...

  • Monitoring will only occur if the 3 conditions above, are met. Monitoring will not occur on personal devices as this is a violation of Federal law.
  • The account is for school use only, including all academic events, assignments and projects.
  • District personnel will be alerted to inappropriate search terms and content.
  • Standard disciplinary procedures will be followed if any are required.
  • The webcam will not be used for monitoring activity nor will it be used in the event the Chromebook is suspected to be lost or stolen.

Stolen or Lost Chromebooks

TVSD uses anti-theft software to attempt locating devices that are lost or stolen. Parents, guardians and students will be held financially responsible for all damages, loss or theft of the Chromebook while the device is in the possession, custody or control of student.