Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be 1:1?

1:1 is a standard learning tool. Each student is issued a device to equally access content their teachers have provided using various Google tools and apps.

What is the 1:1 device?

The Chromebook. A device fully integrated with the Google platform that is easy to support and offers the perfect window to the web. The specific brand will be the HP Chromebook 14. Note - The Chromebook is the property of TWIN VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT and is therefore covered under all school district policies regarding Acceptable Use and Electronic Devices.

Who will receive a device and when does it begin?

Our devices will be distributed over the course of two years. Year one, grades 8-11 will receive their device. Year two, grades 5-8.

How do I get my device if I missed the dates to pick it up?

Click here for device pickup instructions...

Will there be a cost associated with receiving the device?

*see device insurance below...

Will there me help for families that might have a difficulty with the expense?

Yes. *see device insurance below...

Will there be insurance for the devices? fees?

Yes. Twin Valley will self-insure the device along with the warranty applied to each device. This covers basic wear and tear, and minor damages to the device. Other costs may be incurred depending on the severity of the damage. Additional details will be available at the time of device distribution. In addition, families will have the option to purchase additional coverage for major damages or theft. A tech insurance fee will be offered at a rate of $20 per student, per year. Should the family decide not to pay this fee, all costs associated with any major damages not covered by the warranty, or due to theft will be the sole responsibility of the family. (Approximate replacement cost for the device is $400). This is subject to the terms outlined in the 1:1 device handbook.

What happens if the device becomes damaged or is stolen?

Should the device become damaged, the damage will be reported and the device delivered to the Technology Department for repair. If a device is stolen, appropriate procedures involving stolen materials will be followed that adhere with both the School Board policies as well as the insurance covering the device. In both situations a temporary device will be made available to the student.

When are fees due?

All fees are due at the time of distribution. Fees will not be accepted after the device has been issued, unless the student enrolls into the district midyear. *The tech insurance fee must be renewed each year during the distribution/enrollment period. This will typically take place at the start of each school year.

Will students take the devices home?

Yes. The device will be issued to the students for the entire school year.

Will students keep them over the Summer?

Yes. Students will find it to be beneficial to have the Chromebook during the Summer for summer assignments.

Will there be teacher training?

Yes. Staff professional development began 2 years ago with an introduction to Google apps and services, then Google Classroom and finally app-specific training. Staff training will continue with device training as well as instructional training for a 1:1 learning environment. Staff training will continue from year to year.

Will there be a family orientation?

Yes. Orientation for families will be scheduled at the start of the school year. Devices will be distributed during these orientation days (TBD).

Will there be a student orientation?

Yes. Students will be oriented with the care and use of their personal Chromebook.

What should a student do if they leave Twin Valley School District midyear?

Students who withdraw or leave the Twin Valley School District, should return their Chromebook to the guidance office. Students who do not return the student issued Chromebook will be subject to a fine and possibly reported to the local law enforcement as having possession of a stolen device. The Chromebook will be remotely disabled and all functionality removed until the Chromebook is returned.

If a student is enrolled in BCTC or another off-campus school program and never attends school at either the Twin Valley Middle School or High School, will they receive a Chromebook?

In most cases, no. But we will address these situations on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your guidance counselor for more information.