Please contact Christina Murphy for further information.

VHS encourages you to participate in extracurricular activities to allow you to explore extra educational, leadership, socialization, and volunteer opportunities.  We believe that when you participate in athletics, school clubs, and/or organizations, you are more likely to have a good sense of confidence, self-esteem, and school spirit, which all contribute to a positive school experience.  You must be in school a minimum of a half-day in order to participate in a school-sponsored event. 

Students interested in establishing a new club may do so by requesting the appropriate form from the Activities Coordinator.  The form requires signatures from at least ten (10) students as well as a Faculty Sponsor willing to commit to overseeing membership and creating a club charter. All VHS clubs are required to include by-laws and a community service element within the club charter. Please see the Activities Coordinator for more information. New club applications must be turned into the Activities Coordinator by the end of September in order to be considered for the school year.

A club fair will be held at the beginning of each school year during lunches to allow students to speak to current club members and become aware of established clubs in order to consider membership opportunities.

Student Club Eligibility