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The Enrollment Office has moved to The Villages High School at Middleton. Parents may drop off paper Pre-Enrollment applications at any of our Buffalo Ridge buildings or scan and email them to Tara.Milow@tvcs.org

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Thank you for your interest in The Villages Charter School. 

Our school was created to provide a quality education as a benefit to the children of the employees who have dedicated themselves to the success of The Villages.  The Villages Charter School operates by a charter agreement approved by the Sumter County Board of Education and the Florida State Department of Education. Unlike traditional county schools, our enrollment criteria is based upon the place of employment of one of the parents/guardians rather than the geographic address of their home. The Villages Charter School (“VCS”) is a Charter School in the Workplace (see also School of Choice). It was founded and is provided funding by The Villages of Lake-Sumter, Inc. as a business partnership charter school primarily for the benefit of the children of employees of The Villages of Lake-Sumter, Inc. and those Business Partners who have in the past and continue to participate in the development of The Villages. 

The Villages Charter School (VCS) opened in August, 2000 and is one of the most successful public charter schools in Florida. In fact, VCS has been a "High Performing Charter School", earned a "School of Excellence" and has received 19 straight "A" ratings from the Florida Department of Education! This year, VCS earned the “Cognia School and Systems of Distinction” from the international accreditation group Cognia.

The Villages Charter School currently consists of 5 buildings (three elementary centers, one middle school, and one high school) with an enrollment of over 3,450. In the fall of 2023, VCS will open a K-8 center (with an enrollment capacity of 2,000) and relocate The Villages High School with an expanded enrollment capacity of 2,000 bringing our total enrollment capacity across all buildings to approximately 6,500.

The Villages Charter School offers a world-class comprehensive K-12 curriculum and state of the art facilities taught by an instructional staff second to none. 

      Information to parent(s)/guardian(s)s on how to seek an evaluation or services under Section 504 and Title II.   

The Villages Charter School shall not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability. No student shall, on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity. 

Employment is verified on each new applicant and will be verified on a monthly basis for all enrolled students. Placement & campus preference selection is based on the parent’s category of employment and priority is given to full-time employment (40 or more hours) versus part-time employment (under 40 hours). Priority is also given to students who have siblings already enrolled in The Villages Charter School. 

Listed below are the categories of qualifying employment:

CATEGORY I – A Villages’ Company or Salesperson under contract with Properties of The Villages

CATEGORY II – Business Partner Sub-Contractors -Business Partners under direct contract, other than a lease, with a Villages’ Company providing independent contractor, construction, maintenance, consulting, or other similar services in support of Villages’ Projects. Under “direct contract” refers to the relationships between Category 2 Business Partners and a Villages’ Company. The work and/or services provided to a Villages’ Company must be regular and ongoing, and that work must be paid for directly from a Villages’ Company.  Business Partners in Category 2 whose book of business meets the Minimum Threshold Percentage for Villages’ Projects may qualify for employee categorization that isn’t solely dependent on the hours worked on only Villages’ Projects. For businesses who perform regular and ongoing services to a Villages’ Company but who also performs services for other businesses and or the after-market consumer (non-Villages’ Company), only that work provided to and paid for by a Villages’ Company will be considered when determining eligibility, and only those employees performing those services on behalf of the Business Partner under direct contract are eligible for the benefits of The Villages Charter School.

CATEGORY III – Business Partners who lease directly from one of the commercial real estate entities in a Villages’ company

CATEGORY IV – Business Partners that own or lease a permanent business site from a non-Villages’ entity, from which they operate their business within The Villages. The Villages Charter School Enrollment Committee will review each applicant in this Category to confirm, in its sole discretion, that the Business Partner participates in and benefits the development and operation of The Villages.