Bulldog Biotech

A student-run business operating in the Biotech Space.

Mission of the project

An opportunity to have High School CTE students run a "real" business operating in the Biotech space. 

Students are responsible for all aspects of the business. 

The business currently has a research division, biomanufacturing division and an educational division. 

We are always looking for ways to increase our reach.

Breaking News from Bulldog Biotech

Breaking News

 Current Projects

Biomanufacturing Division Projects

A commercial endeavor to produce and provide quality NGM plates and strains of C. elegans for use in High School classrooms.   

Mass production of plasmids for distribution to local High School teachers. 

Research Division Projects

A long-term study to address the health concerns of the community. 

yEvo is an authentic research experience designed for high school students to observe the process of evolution in their classrooms using yeast as a model organism.  

Education Division Projects

An after school club for all students interested in Biotech.

The 3D printing, laser printing and CNC Innovation Lab supports the work of the Biotech program.   

 Future Projects

Biomanufacturing Division Projects

Providing cell and tissue cultures for local High School students. 

Research Division Projects

Providing genome sequencing services to local High School teachers.


Contact info@bulldogbiotech.com to get more information on the project