Meet the Choirs


Choir 4 - Known as the most advanced choir, Jaztecs is comprised of some of the most capable singers at Corona. While the name indicates that they sing just jazz, they sing various music styles ranging from early motets and madrigals to modern pop and musical theater songs. They attend the annual NAU Jazz and Madrigal Festival in February where they traditionally receive high marks and a great workshop. As well as our 4 on-campus concerts, this choir is also asked to perform off-campus throughout the year. Jaztecs meets during zero-hour and students must also be enrolled in A Cappella at the same time. 

A Cappella 

Choir 3 - A Cappella (or unaccompanied) is a mixed choir (boys and girls) and is made up of mostly juniors and seniors. These students apply the skills they've gained in previous years to this class. Despite the name, A Cappella does not always sing a cappella. They focus on a wide range of classical choral music and will sometimes sing a major work (Durufle Requiem 2023, Mozart Requiem 2019). The choir will usually take a trip in the spring semester. They sing at all 4 on-campus concerts and will attend a state choral festival if it fits our schedule.


Choir 2 - Encore is the all female choir that is the stepping stone between Bella Voce and A Cappella. Comprised of mostly sophomores, this choir is designed to challenge the singers abilities and to prepare them for their A Cappella or Jaztecs audition. Encore will perform on all 4 on-campus performances. They attend the choir trip in the spring semester and regularly attend the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Fall Choral Festival held in October. 

Bella Voce

Bella Voce (or beautiful voice) is the entry level choir for new female singers. Students enrolled in this class learn sight-reading skills, tonal memory, pitch matching, proper posture and work on overall development of their voices as they start their choir journey. Bella Voce performs on all 4 on-campus concerts.


Novum (or something new) is the entry level choir for male singers. They are the male counterparts to Bella Voce and work on developing their voices and performance abilities as well as sight-sining and healthy technique. Audiences love them as they are usually the most entertaining choir at each of our 4 on-campus concerts. 


Solstice is the all a cappella (or unaccompanied) student-led ensemble that performs in the style of collegiate a cappella groups like the ASU Pitchforks or NAU Elevation. Members do NOT need to be enrolled in a choir class. Auditions are open to ANY CdS student and are held at the beginning of each school year. They sing on all 4 campus concerts throughout the school year. Each year, they record their own music video