Peter Tsitas & Associates Architects and Town Planners
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Peter Tsitas & Associates has wide experience in residential and commercial architecture as well as town planning. The size of projects undertaken by the firm range from infill dwellings in subdivided inner-city blocks to large urban planning developments. Through this we have learned the value of comprehensive communication skills between client, developer and government bodies, as well as analysis and solving of problems and the right advice for clients.

Our design is contemporary and progressive and we are well equipped to deal with unique design issues. In addition to this, our visual presentation is always distinctive, distinguished and communicative.

Through our extensive experience, network of consultants and innovative design, we are able to provide clients with an exceptional design solution and have the development skills to carry the project to it's fruition. The firm is well known for its commitment to providing a thorough and efficient service to its clients; a passion for design and technical excellence and for achieving successful outcomes.