Mission Scripts

Armada IV Mission Scripts

From the original forum source at https://artemis.forumchitchat.com/post/artemis-armada-iv-mission-scripts-9911279

Missions by Paul Rockwell:

  • Whale of a Good Time (12 minute Pirate Mission)
  • The Arena (Player vs Player mission with "Capture the flag" motif)
  • Dawn Patrol 2.0 (Pirate mission to capture the most loot)

Missions by Mike Substelny:

  • Cruiser Tournament (A TSN Cruiser has 48 minutes to destroy as much enemy tonnage as possible)
  • Carrier Tournament (A TSN Carrier has 48 minutes to destroy as much enemy tonnage as possible. Recommended for full fighter squadron.)
  • Ximni Tournament (A Ximni Battleship has 48 minutes to destroy as much enemy tonnage as possible. Uses Jump Drive)

Game Mastered Modules by Mike Substelny

Armada IV : General purpose GMed module that lets the GM generate numerous sectors and several "situations" that act as self-contained mini missions. The first three can be used to train newbie crews. The fourth is for killing crews that get too full of themselves.

  • Ambassador situation is a simple escort mission
  • Pirate Situation is a complex escort mission
  • Mad Scientist Situation has the players help with a dangerous experiment gone awry
  • Inquisitor situation puts the players in an epic boss battle that they will probably lose

Further details for the Armada IV sandbox are at https://artemis.forumchitchat.com/post/sandbox-script-armada-iv-9994759?pid=1307063596

Battle of Beachwood : GMed mission for 1-3 ships on per server. Players defend Beachwood Station in one corner of the sector. At Armada IV we had four simultaneous servers with four Game Masters. Up to twelve crews could defend against attackers approaching the station on four different maps. If you have enough resources this mission can handle 100 players or more.