Troy and Jessica Thompson

Technology and Christianity

Please see the latest materials at Resources > Protecting Our Homes. Update pending for March 2024.

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Latest update: Protecting Our Homes - Internet Control presentations for the Berean Baptist Church "Families Under Construction" class.

A Note on Freshness

Many of the materials here are maintained in Google Docs format. This means I can easily update them at any time. When possible, please link here to get the freshest version, rather than relying on other mirrors. Mmmm... fresh bits! Just like momma used to download! (At 28.8 kbaud...)

Setting Up BoxCast for the Roku to stream Berean Baptist Church Services

See BoxCast for Roku for details!

Christmas Lights!

It's that time of the year! I'm sharing some Google Maps for Christmas light displays around the area. 

These links should open Google Maps on your mobile device.