Triton 6th Grade

Google Classroom Class Codes

Vermillion Math: x7qsnwr 

Vermillion Reading: wlrtjsi

Vermillion Social Studies: xqvx4ql

Vermillion Science:  i6wwkrc

Vermillion English/Writing: xbrtk6u 

       Get Epic:  lzd6821

Riddle Math: 4p3y3bt 

Riddle Reading: jife654   

Riddle Social Studies: skd5zzh

Riddle Science:  q5nygiw 

Riddle English/Writing: 5rsmyth 

Riddle Get Epic: grz9906 

2023-2024 CODES

Watkins Math: kw7aklt 

Watkins Reading:  775fs3p 

Watkins Social Studies: c34kipc

Watkins Science : 6mzkccw

Watkins English/Writing: 537khps 

Watkins Get Epic: dds3801


The Sixth grade recognition video - You can find it right here underneath this statement

Sixth Grade Link to Recognition: 

    Please share this link with parents who requested the group photos       

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