*NOTICE* - Town of Chittenden Property Taxes are due February 1 before 4:00 PM

Town of Chittenden

PO Box 89

260 Chittenden Rd.


FAX: (802)483-2504


Chittenden Select Board Scheduled Meeting

Chittenden Municipal Offices* and Zoom**

January 24, 2022 5:30 PM


5:30 Pledge of Allegiance

I. Additions to Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes

5:45 III. Audience Comments (limited to 5 minutes per person)

6:00 IV. Town Officer Reports

Road Foreman

Transfer Station

Emergency Management/Warning Sirens/COVID-19

Planning Commission

Appointment of New Member

Health Officer

6:20 V. New Business:

Ballot Items

Declaration of Inclusion

Funding for Town Services

Approval of Warning

Rooster Complaint

Traffic Ordinance

Mileage Certification

6:30 VI. Old Business

Road Grants Update

New Water Well at the Municipal Offices

ARPA Funding

Keys and Locks

Green Road Monumentation

Finance Committee/Purchasing Policy

Town Woodlots

Town Office Roof

Town Building Maintenance – Town Hall

Transfer Station: Compactor Project/Garage Bathroom

7:30 VII. Correspondence SWAC Battery Recycling Report

VIII. Approval of Work Orders

7:35 IX. Adjourn

PLEASE NOTE: * Masks are required in all town buildings

** For electronic participation by Zoom, find the link at the town Website, chittendenvt.org under Select Board –- next meeting.

Holidays Greetings!

Please plan on coming to celebrate the season with your neighbors, around the tree at the Grange, with some poetry and decorating and enjoy sweet, light refreshments, on Sat., Dec. 11th at 2:30(rain date Sunday Dec. 12th).

Hope this finds you well and feeling the season. If you go by the Grange in the early evening you’ll see a tree, donated by Jackie Gormly and setup and decorated by Jackie, Bob and Bonnie Baird, and Rod Munroe, glowing through the dark, and a beautiful wreath, donated by the Baird’s, hanging above the door.

Our next Grange Friends meeting will be Thursday, Jan. 6th, 6:30 on zoom. The link will be sent with a reminder the beginning of that week.

The Agenda for the New Year:

* Discuss the Grange Friends potential role in the “Spark” grant - a series of outdoors events designed to invigorate community connections, one of which is planned for the Grange.

* Discuss the design for a new entrance to the Grange Hall and what role we should play in the process. The Select Board has approved $15,000 in the 22/23 budget.

* Presentation of the revised ‘Rules and Regulations’ and ‘Field Rules’.

* Identifying and assigning some new roles in order to make our meetings productive our efforts meaningful and spread out the work; ie. promotion, communication, note taking.

* If time allows a little dreaming of events we can sponsor in the warmer months ahead.

Covid has postponed some possibilities and it also gave us time to be reflective - about everything. Hopefully the New Year will bring more folks who are willing to engage and bring the Hall and the meadow to life. Thank you to everyone who has taken an active role and to those of you who are poised to jump in!

Julie and Bonnie