About Me

I am currently a biology professor and the department chair in the Biology and Public Health department. I have been teaching at TMCC for about 11 years. I received my PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology at UNR. I studied the impacts of contraception to behavior in feral horses. I have also worked on projects with mountain lions, bighorn sheep, domestic cattle, and right now I am doing research on suburban bobcat activity and health. 

During the summer of 2019, I received an Erskine fellowship from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand teaching Animal Ecophysiology! 

I love hiking, golfing, and watching the Denver Broncos!!!


My research interests have focused on the behavioral ecology of large mammals, particularly the interactions between males and females, especially in the context of sex and reproduction. I have always been fascinated with why individuals mate with certain individuals and how those decisions impact levels of parental investment, offspring survival, and future conflict between the sexes. The majority of my research has stemmed from management based projects that I use to examine major themes in behavioral ecology. 

Currently, I am studying bobcat health and presence in West Reno. For more details, click on the bobcat research link. 

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy follows these principles: 1) To always be interested in my students and what I teach, 2) To adapt to student’s needs and interests, 3) To get students involved in the class, and 4) To facilitate the understanding of concepts, rather than memorization of facts.

I teach a variety of classes and I am always trying new activities in my classes. I love teaching at a community college! One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to know my students and helping them accomplish their goals. From the first day of class, I want my students to know that they will not be anonymous. I work hard every day to create a sense of community in her classes. I want my students to: just try it! I would say most of my students would say I am goofy and energetic! I am passionate about biology and don’t take myself too seriously.