Trask River High School


Principal - Greg English

Admin Secretary - Sherryl Arend

Academic Advisor - Lorena Dye

Phone: 503-842-2565


6820 Barracks Circle

Tillamook, OR 97141

Trask River School Goals

1. We will do a student by student analysis of each current youth and create a realistic goal for equipping them for passing OASS.

2. Our mid-term goal is to increase student resiliency by the development of an incentive program for winter term that keeps students engaged. This is the longest term at TRHS and the most academically grinding for the students.

3. Our long term goal is to complete a school year with no student receiving an “F” in any class.

4. We will ensure that every student will receive a growth note from at least one teacher every term.

Trask River School COVID Blueprint

Trask River HS - Operational Blueprint

Trask River HS - Health Department Letter

Our Mission

It is the mission of Trask River High School to support the efforts of others in holding youth accountable and providing opportunities for reformation. This will be through providing a quality curriculum which develops academic, artistic, professional-technical, and social skills necessary for the youth to become lifelong learners in a changing world.