2021 Birthday Edition

The school’s birthday is an extraordinary time; teeming with the cheer of our collective memory, it is an event—a coming together that cracks open new pathways to connect. The day brings a surge of emotions that have floated through layers of time, and buoyed by new hearts. The campus becomes a wellspring of kindred spirits—students, alumni, parents, and teachers. Multiple generations of the Valley family, meeting and reconnecting—sometimes after decades, sometimes for the very first time—with an equally familiar, inimitable ease.

This edition of Sampreshan is a celebration of that spirit—of connecting and reconnecting. Tucked into these digital pages are vignettes of memories, lush moments of fleeting and fervent joy, and a love and longing for the landscape. Envisioned as a space for the many branches of the Valley family to come together, the newsletter contains the voices of the alumni, as well as parents and teachers, past and present.

Here’s celebrating 43 years of our shared home. Happy Birthday, Valley!

Devi, Sowmya, Janani, Asra, Mani, Yashodhara, Sree

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Team Sampreshan would like to thank Aasaavari, Ananda, Aravind, Milan, Proteep Mallick & Nandita Suresh, Ramki Sreenivasan, Subha Nilakanta, Simone & Preethi Purohit for their support and contribution.