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Things you should know

* 2017-18 Course Catalog.

* College Fair Monday, October 2nd, 5-8 pm. Embassy Suites Hotel, 460 North Cherry Street in Winston-Salem. Approximately 125 colleges/universities are represented at this fair. Each college will have its own table and will be placed in alphabetical order. To help scholars navigate the college fair, a list of colleges and their table number is provided by the WS/FCS system and is available upon entering the fair. Additionally, the list is posted on the Crosby Scholars Programs website approximately one week prior to the fair. Several hundred students will attend this fair, so please allow extra time to enter and exit the parking deck. PSOS offers students the opportunity to interact with admission reps from North Carolina colleges as well as out-of-state colleges. Be prepared to pay for parking.

*Information sessions presented by Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Rice University, and the University of Chicago will be held in two locations in NC. Raleigh on September 26 and Charlotte on September 27. For more information, and to rsvp go to this link.

*Discover textiles at NC State University. October 14th 9-2 for the College Of Textiles Open House.

* It's time to sign up for Crosby Scholars. Students 6-10 grade are eligible. If you are new to our school but were in Crosby Scholars last year, log in to your student portal and update your information. For all the details, click here.

* The NCLA is in partnership with FTCC to offer dual enrollment courses. Juniors and seniors who qualify through gpa (3.0 weighted or higher) and accuplacer testing are eligible to take courses at FTCC that will count for both high school and college credit. Courses are pre-selected and built at the Swisher center in Kernersville for our students.

Some things to keep in mind if you choose to take FTCC dual enrollment courses.

1. You will need to purchase your own books and parking permit. There are also student fees that you must pay. The tuition is free.

2. Only you will know your academic progress throughout the semester. Parents will not be able to communicate with the professors regarding student progress or late assignments. The NCLA will receive a final grade for each student only!

3. Students can, but should not, drop a course at FTCC on their own without notifying Mrs. Wood first. The proper procedure for dropping or adding a course is to come see Mrs. Wood first and then The NCLA will communicate that with FTCC. The NCLA can not be held responsible when students do not show up for classes at FTCC or when they choose to drop without letting us know.

3. These grades will be a part of your permanent academic record both on your high school transcript as well as your college transcript.

4. The FTCC calendar and The NCLA do not share the same calendar. Here is a link to their academic calendar.

Sign-up for placement testing

Prep for Placement


* Did you know that you can use SAT score choice to send the highest Math score and the highest Reading score from different tests to colleges? Here's how.

Admissions Advice for High School Students from UNC Wilmington college counselors!

  • Study hard in rigorous senior year courses. The perception that the junior year of high school is the most critical is a myth that can damage the chances for admission for even the brightest of students.
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities that are meaningful to you. A deep level of commitment of a leadership position in a few activities is more impressive than a long list of brief involvements.
  • Consider taking standardized tests at least twice. Familiarity with a test format may help you relax and your scores improve. If one type of standardized tests does not yield the results you hoped for, consider taking the other test. (SAT or ACT)
  • Your essay is the last part of your college application over which you have control. A well constructed, proof-read essay that shows us how you think and demonstrates your ability to write at the college level can impact the Admission Committee's decision.
  • Be considerate by requesting recommendations from teachers and school counselors well before the application deadline so they can write about you thoughtfully and without pressure.
  • The admission committee is often faced with making distinctions between highly qualified applicants. Those students who have taken full advantage of what their high schools offer are usually better prepared, more mature, appealing candidates. While you may have fulfilled your school's requirements and are eager to graduate early, if you are not part of an "early college" high school program, stay in high school and find ways to challenge yourself.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Interested in UNC Chapel Hill? Fall receptions with UNC Admissions around the state are under way. Click here for more information.
  • Duke open House. Saturday September 23, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm for Juniors, Seniors and their families. For more information and registration, follow the links. For Arts and Humanities Open House, for School of Engineering Open House
  • Reading Skills and Speed Reading Programs for students are available in Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point through NC State University's Office of Professional Development. Handouts are available in my office or call 1-800-903-0162 for more information. Programs are catered to students in all grade levels. Click here for more information.
  • 2018 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Are you a middle level or high school student who's making a difference through volunteering? For information and application, go to or Deadline is November 17, 2017