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CEEB Code: 342013

Things you should know

* The NCLA is in partnership with FTCC to offer dual enrollment courses. Juniors and seniors who qualify through gpa (3.0 weighted or higher) and accuplacer testing are eligible to take courses at FTCC that will count for both high school and college credit. Courses are pre-selected and built at the Swisher center in Kernersville for our students.

Some things to keep in mind if you choose to take FTCC dual enrollment courses.

1. You will need to purchase your own books and parking permit. There are also student fees that you must pay. The tuition is free.

2. Only you will know your academic progress throughout the semester. Parents will not be able to communicate with the professors regarding student progress or late assignments. The NCLA will receive a final grade for each student only!

3. Students can, but should not, drop a course at FTCC on their own without notifying Mrs. Wood first. The proper procedure for dropping or adding a course is to come see Mrs. Wood first and then The NCLA will communicate that with FTCC. The NCLA can not be held responsible when students do not show up for classes at FTCC or when they choose to drop without letting us know.

3. These grades will be a part of your permanent academic record both on your high school transcript as well as your college transcript.

4. FTCC and The NCLA do not share the same calendar. Here is a link to their academic calendar.

5. You are responsible for paying your fees on time to FTCC or you will be dropped from the class. Keep a close eye on all dates.

6. As soon as you test, you must bring a copy of your test scores to Mrs. Wood. Without test scores, you will not be registered for classes.

7. You must turn in all completed application forms, signed and ready to go to Mrs. Wood. She will submit them as a group to FTCC.

8. The following is a list of classes that we typically request from FTCC and the number of college credits they earn upon successful completion. Not all classes will be offered every semester, Mrs. Wood will work with each student individually to make sure the appropriate FTCC courses are selected for their needs. If we do not have enough NCLA students request a class, there is a good chance the class will not make and none of our students will be able to take it.

Parent information sessions: Click here

For more information: click here

COM 231 Public Speaking (3 SHC)
ART 111 Art Appreciation (3 SHC) 
HIS 111 World Civilizations I (3 SHC)
HIS 112 World Civilizations II (3 SHC)
PSY 150 General Psychology (3 SHC)
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology (3 SHC)
MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra (4 SHC)
MAT 172 Pre-calculus Trigonometry (4 SHC) 
MAT 271 Calculus I (4 SHC)
MAT 152 Statistical Methods I (4 SHC)
HIS 131 American History I 131 (3 SHC)
HIS 132 American History II 132 (3 SHC) 

Schedule your test:

Grady Swisher Center (Appointment only: 336.734.7903) Kernersville campus (NO TESTING CARD REQUIRED)

Allman Center, Room 133 (1st Floor), Main Campus 336.734.7324 - walk in schedule below:

  • Walk-In Placement Testing Schedule - Must have a testing card from Ed Partnership BEFORE you show up!
  • For Fall 2019, the following courses are being offered:

HIS 111 - T,R

HIS 131 - T,R

ART 111 - M,W,F

MAT 171 - M,W,F

MAT 152 - M,W,F

PSY 150 - T,R

GEO 111 - M,W,F

    • For Spring 2019, the following courses will be offered:

HIS 112 - T,R

COM 231 - M, W, F

MAT 172 - M,W,F

MAT 271 - M,W,F

SOC 210 - T, R

* Did you know that you can use SAT score choice to send the highest Math score and the highest Reading score from different tests to colleges? Here's how.

*College Admission Glossary and Lingo

Admissions Advice for High School Students from UNC Wilmington college counselors!

  • Study hard in rigorous senior year courses. The perception that the junior year of high school is the most critical is a myth that can damage the chances for admission for even the brightest of students.
  • Stay involved in extracurricular activities that are meaningful to you. A deep level of commitment of a leadership position in a few activities is more impressive than a long list of brief involvements.
  • Consider taking standardized tests at least twice. Familiarity with a test format may help you relax and your scores improve. If one type of standardized tests does not yield the results you hoped for, consider taking the other test. (SAT or ACT)
  • Your essay is the last part of your college application over which you have control. A well constructed, proof-read essay that shows us how you think and demonstrates your ability to write at the college level can impact the Admission Committee's decision.
  • Be considerate by requesting recommendations from teachers and school counselors well before the application deadline so they can write about you thoughtfully and without pressure.
  • The admission committee is often faced with making distinctions between highly qualified applicants. Those students who have taken full advantage of what their high schools offer are usually better prepared, more mature, appealing candidates. While you may have fulfilled your school's requirements and are eager to graduate early, if you are not part of an "early college" high school program, stay in high school and find ways to challenge yourself.

NHS Details and Application

  • Applications due March 12 at 3:00 pm.
  • Induction Ceremony will be April 9 at 6:00 pm.
nhs_application all forms in one 2019.pdf

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Are you interested in becoming a teacher? The NC Teaching Fellows program may be a good fit for you. Click here for more information.
  • Interested in finding out more about The NCLA's trips abroad? Talk with Mrs. Wood directly.
  • Interested in a hands on career in film, video gaming, interior design, or some other form of hands on living arts? Check out Living Arts College in Raleigh, NC. Click here for their website.

The Wilson College holds five one-week sessions of STEP each summer. Participants live on-campus, learn about our degree programs, the admissions process, scholarship opportunities and work on a project related to one of our majors. The program cost is $250 for each participant; limited financial aid is available. We encourage you to share this opportunity with your students.
STEP is offered during the following weeks:Week 1: June 16 - 21Week 2: June 23 - 28Week 3: July 7 - 12Week 4: July 14 - 19Week 5 - July 21-26Each student has the opportunity to rank their level of interest in the subject areas listed below, and will complete a project pertaining to that subject. Apparel DesignTextile EngineeringBusiness ManagementTextile DesignPolymer ChemistryTo learn more about STEP please visit our website. If you have questions, please contact Shannon Tart at Applications due April 1, 2019.
The Wilson College also offers a two-day workshop, Polymer Camp, for high school juniors interested in physical sciences, engineering and attending NC State. This is a great opportunity for your students to learn more about our Polymer Color Chemistry, Textile Engineering or Textile Technology degree programs. The application opens March 1, 2019 and closes May 31, 2019.
To learn more about Polymer Camp please visit our website. If you have questions, please contact Lakisha Patterson at

  • Registration for the North Carolina Poetry Out Loud program for 2018-2019 is now open!

Poetry Out Loud is a national program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation. Poetry Out Loud encourages students in grades 9-12 to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. This program, which is FREE for schools and students, helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life. Student have the opportunity to compete at classroom, school, district, state, and national levels for cash prizes and money for their schools to purchase poetry books for school use. Poetry Out Loud can be incorporated into English or theatre curriculum in 2-3 weeks and aligns with state and national standards.

For more information about North Carolina Poetry Out Loud and to register your school to participate, visit

You can also email State Coordinator Lauren Smith at with questions.