Fixing, Supplying, Training and Support

Local Area Networks, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell phones, Printers, CCTV

Hard- and Software

We are a registered distributor of numerous official IT brands. We also do repairs, optimisations and upgrades for PC's and laptops.

We do new installations, repairs, upgrades and optimisations on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones for Microsoft, Android, Chrome and Apple.


Personal on-site training for beginner-, medium- and advanced users, and management of your own Windows Computer, Android phone / tablet, iPhone / iPad.

Network and Printers

Our services extend to Local Area Network support with the use of advanced troubleshooting tools.

Let us manage your printers account and address book. We work hand-in-hand with most major Print Solution Providers.

Budgets and Expenses

Let us help you with your annual IT budgets. Our experience in the financial sector allows us to further than just the basics of IT.

Monthly IT expenses too high? Let us help you find the best contract with the best service to suit your individual needs.

Records and Blueprints

No more getting lost. We keep logs and records of equipment and settings, for your keeping. This feature differ from other IT support companies, in that we empower you to own your system. Our IT Girls are trained to not just do technical work, but also the admin behind it.

In addition to record-keeping we draft network blueprints, explaining the architecture of your system in your language. These blueprints belong to you and once again, put you in control.