The IT Girl


Fixing, Supplying, Training and Support

Local Area Networks, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell phones, Printers, CCTV

We are a People kind of People for People with Computers.

Our belief that the User is as important as the System,

gives us in unique place in the world of IT.

Hard and Software

The IT Girl is a registered distributor of numerous official IT brands. We also manage IT repairs and IT upgrades for PC's, laptops and cell phones.

New installations, soft repairs and optimisation on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones for Microsoft, Android, Chrome and Apple.

On- and Offsite

Equitably unique to our brand, are female IT Technicians working on site. And yes, we climb ladders, crawl under tables, handle screwdrivers and crimping tools.

We make use of remote log-ins for IT support where possible to save you time and money.

Training and Admin

Personal on-site training for beginner-, medium- and advanced users, and management of your own Windows Computer, Android phone / tablet, iPhone / iPad.

Let us help you save money on what you spend on technology. We do Business and Private IT contract audits (what you spend on printing or equipment).