Fixing, Supplying, Training and Support

Local Area Networks, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell phones, Printers, CCTV

The IT Girl Solution was founded by Salomè Elizabeth in Johannesburg in 2010. Her main focus was in maintaining local area networks for medium sized businesses (50-100 PC’s), to do their computer setup & maintenance, Microsoft and Office training for respective employees, and also do the printer and scanner configurations. Most of the work was done for attorneys, legal representatives of the South African court.

The IT Girl also found her interest for schools and colleges.

Learned how to setup and run a Google school and how to communicate technology to primary school teachers. Included in running these IT departments, were annual IT budgeting and keeping track of expenses, revision of large IT contracts, drawing up the LAN scheme, keep track of equipment serial numbers and values for insurance purposes, purchasing of laptops and Chromebooks, setting up and optimising laptops & PC’s and training the users. The print & scan operations were set up and monitored, also CCTV functionalities.

Above excelling in technical and administrative work, The IT Girl came to love the users of these technologies and found such profound wisdom in being patient and kind towards all kinds of people. The IT Girl found that great technology has its place, but without the person using it, what good is it all for?

And so advances the era of the Woman. Strong, capable, fearless, and filled with compassion.

Our Hero's

Women and Information Technology. Now, those are two words that are commonly associated with a woman understanding as much about her computer as she does about her car. Now let’s see how the next sentence will fare…

Women IN Information Technology. Yes. This does in fact happen all over the world; it is a common misconception that women and IT do not mix. In fact, they go hand in hand and it is not so much an urban myth as it was ten years ago.

Take Jean Sammet for example. Dating as far back as 1928, women were making their mark in history. Without Sammet, the first computer programming language, FORMAC, would cease to exist. She spent an agonising 27 years creating the first widely used language for symbolic manipulation of mathematical formulas.

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Jean E. Sammet


Margaret Heafield Hamilton

born 1936

Grace Brewster Murray Hopper


Ada Augusta Lovelace


Jean Jenkins Bartik


Edith Clarke


Emmy Noether



350-415 AD

Catherine Johnson