Android Weather Radio

Weather Radio and EAS Alert Reader that uses rtl_fm to demodulate

FM from a supported rtl_sdr device and multimon-ng to decode EAS

Messages. This will only work in the United States and Canada.


  • A supported rtl_sdr device, see (
  • Android device that supports USB OTG
  • root access
  • busybox installed

Current Features:

  • Listen to weather radio in the US/Canada.
  • Decode EAS Alerts US/Canada
  • Selectable Pre-defined Frequencies
  • Alert Notifications
  • Widget to display alerts
  • Option to unmute audio when alert received
  • FIPS and CLC Location Code Databases
  • Event Code Database
  • No internet connection required

Play Store:

Source code:

To build:

Setup a working Android Studio and ndk environment, then..

  1. Run ndk-build inside the jni folder
  2. Then build the project in Android Studio

Software Used:

rtl_fm from rtl-sdr




Android SQLiteAssetHelper