Motorcycle iTPMSystem Software

Android Motorcycle iTPMSystem Software

Play Store:

Requires an iTPMSystem (

Current Features:

  • Displays tire pressure, temperature and voltage
  • User configurable units for pressure and temperature
  • User configurable notifications for low/high tire pressure (Sound, vibrate and LED)
  • Auto night mode(dark color scheme) using the light sensor
  • Sensor discovery
  • Runs in the background
  • Optional data logging in csv format to /sdcard/itpms
  • English language, please contact me if you would like to help with a translation

How to Use:

  1. Power on the iTPMSystem
  2. Pair your device to the iTPMSystem unit, test with the Vendor supplied app and close it. If it doesn't work then this app probably won't either.
  3. Launch iTPMSystem, you should see message that you are connected. You now need to wait for the sensors to start sending data through the iTPMSystem.
  4. Once discovered map them to their wheel locations in the preferences.
  5. Enjoy

Source code:

Documentation: Reversing the iTPMSystem

Software Used:

Android SQLiteAssetHelper

SVG TPMS Icon sourced from: