Android BMW Motorrad Dashboard

Motorrad Cluster is a combination of custom hardware and software that provides most of the same information that your stock instrument cluster has plus more.

Current features include:

  • R1200GS(K25) support, will most likely work with other models/years
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Odometer
  • Fuel Level (Customizable low fuel alerting, ie. percent threshold, audible alerts, nearby fuel stations and route to nearest fuel station)
  • Gear
  • ESA menu
  • ABS status
  • Kill Switch status
  • High Beam status
  • Heated Grip status
  • Signal Indicators
  • Air and Engine Temperature
  • Lamp Fault indicator
  • Compass Bearing
  • Unit selection (Metric/Imperial)
  • Night mode color scheme (forced or using the phones light sensor)
  • iTPMSystem Support for tire pressure (Customizable alert thresholds with audible alerts)
  • Info button on bike switches view (TPMS, RPM, Temperatures and Compass Bearing)
  • Data Logging

Required Hardware: CANBusGateway

Source Code:

Motorrad CANBus Message Reversing: Document