Greetings SCMS Families,

What a WINTERFEST! Thanks to our sponsors, staff, and community. It was such an enjoyable night and we made a record high $20,400. Every penny will go to funding our Positive Behavior Initiative and the Grizzly Store for all students. Our last raffle will be this Tuesday. Students may enter as many times as they like at 50 points per entry. Today we hosted SCHS, SCES, and TES. Teachers and administrators observed classrooms and debriefed afterwards noting best instructional practices. We are MAP testing this week. Dec. 6th (8th grade), Dec. 7th (7th grade), & Dec. 8 (6th grade).

Last day of Semester 1 is Dec. 21

Grizzly News:

*Grizzly Growl: The Grizzly Store was open last week for each grade level. Our next schoolwide Grizzly Growl celebrations will be Feb. 22-24. Any student that has been suspended or sent to ISD 3 times is not permitted to attend.

*Grizzly Points: Congratulations, to our October Grizzly Raffle winners - 6th grader David Buckley takes home a gaming chair and 7th grader Gregory Hunt chooses a FireHD. The November raffle is now open. Two winners will be selected on Dec. 2. Enter as many times as you like at 50 pts. each.

*ATHLETICS: Good luck boys basketball Wednesday at home vs Crosby MS. Go Grizzlies!!!

*GBB: Last day for GBB this semester is Dec. 8. This week: M-Th, regular schedule 2:30-5:30pm. Sign your student up today, contact

*Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) News: I met with PTSO last week to plan Spring events, exciting news to come!!!

**For more detailed information by grade level, please visit the links below.

Week of 12.5.2022

  • MAP Testing - December 6-8

  • Semester 1 Ends - December 21

  • 2nd Semester Day 1 - January 3

  • Next Grizzly Growl - Feb. 22-24