TMHS Senior Project

The Senior Project is an off-campus experience replacing the 4th quarter, it provides eligible seniors with the opportunity to utilize and apply 21st-century skills in a real world setting. Students may pursue an externship with businesses or professional organizations, a community service project, or complete a research paper or project.

Welcome to the TMHS Senior Project Web Page. You will find the application and many helpful resources here including this INFORMATIONAL SLIDESHOW!

Senior Project Experience:

Runs April-May (starts April 12th and runs through presentations, June 4th)

4th Term grades close for participating students

Application process required

Written assignments, journal entries and timesheets are required

Check-ins with site coordinator & staff advisor for accountability

Students must comply with the TMHS code of conduct while participating in Senior Project

Eligibility can be rescinded and the student would return to their regular schedule

AP and Dual Enrollment students remain in attendance for those classes only

The equivalent of full-time hours (30) are required for the student no longer in any of their classes and a reduction in hours (10 per class) for AP and DE Classes

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A student must be on track to graduate

  • Currently in good academic standing

  • A student must be in good standing regarding attendance