7/8 House

Weekly Checklist!

LAST WEEK! 6/7 - 6/11

(6/7 - 6/11) Weekly Checklist 7/8 House


Hello, 7th and 8th grade students and families! Welcome (back) to TESG.

The 7/8 team has decided to use Google Classroom as our learning management system for this school year. All assignments, Google Slides, articles, links, videos, announcements, Zoom links, and grades will be housed on Google Classroom exclusively. Those things will not be posted on this website. Each class you're in (science, math, and ethnic studies) has it's own Google Classroom page. Once you join them all using the class codes provided by us, they will all show up on your account and you can easily switch between the three. Learn more about how to use Google Classroom here.

This website will be most useful for you in the beginning of the school year to remember your Google Classroom class codes, become familiar with the new distance learning requirements, memorize your schedule, and learn more about your teachers. We will update this website weekly, but it does not need to be checked everyday as daily work and announcements will always be on Google Classroom.

Just like last year, Arts and Diverse Learners both have their own websites. When you click on their pages from their tab above, you will reach a link that you can follow to their Google Sites page!

Get to know the 7/8 House!

During morning meeting on 8/20, all students were given the link to a collaborative Google Slides presentation (to the left) where they were told to introduce themselves using only pictures. Take a look!

Get to Know the 7/8 House

Your Teachers!

**The Google Voice phone numbers below are not our personal cell phone numbers. They are intended to answer questions and help with assignments only during our office house. Outside of our office hours, please only e-mail. When you call, you will be prompted to leave your name so that we know who is calling. The call will be accepted on our end while you patiently wait (it will seem like a long time) and then it will be like a normal phone conversation. You may either call from your regular number on your phone or you can download Google Voice and create a free number that is not associated with your personal number. Let us know if you need help setting this up.**

Dr. Nix- Stevenson

8 Science, 7 Math, 7/8 Ethnic Studies

Email: dnixstevenson@tesgk8.org Google Voice: 336-790-6846Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am-12pm

Ms. Rector

Assistant Teacher

Email: srector@tesgk8.org Google Voice: N/A (email for phone number)Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12pm - 1pm

Ms. Taylor

7 Science, 8 Math, 7/8 ethnic studies

Email: ataylor@tesgk8.org Google Voice (919) 980-5406Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am- 12pm

Ms. Wilson

8 Math, 7/8 ethnic studies

Email: swilson@tesgk8.org Google Voice: Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:30am- 12pm

Ms. Hargrove

Diverse Learners Teacher

Email: mhargrove@tesgk8.orgGoogle Voice: (336) 612-4121Office Hours:

Ms. Seymour-Hawkins

7 Math

Email: tseymourhawkins@tesgk8.orgGoogle Voice: Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10:30am - 12pm

Open House Presentation

7/8 Open House- TESG

Solidarity Week 2020

Solidarity Week is a student-powered campaign dedicated to building collective support for LGBTQ+ students and educators. This week-long program helps people learn about and practice solidarity with different identities.
Solidarity is a voluntary collective action by different people based on finding common objectives and solutions. Solidarity work happens when you show up to help and support others experiencing some form of harm by centering their leadership, decisions, needs, requests, and ideas.
Copy of Solidarity Week 2020

Why are we still Celebrating Christopher Columbus?

“Why Are We Still Celebrating Christopher Columbus?”

7/8 House Daily Schedule!

The events on the schedule below are synchronous and will be done using Zoom daily. The hours between these few events should be used for completing work independently, meeting with groups for projects, conferences with your teachers, and taking breaks. Math will meet via Zoom daily. Ethnic Studies and Science will have Zoom meetings sporadically throughout the weeks. These will be announced via Google Classroom.

Trimester 1 supply list!

  • Pencils

  • Pens

  • 1 pack of student preferred coloring materials (colored pencils, gel pens, markers, etc.)

  • 1 unlined sketchbook

  • 3 composition notebooks

  • 1 pack of college ruled notebook paper

  • 5 subject dividers

  • Post-it Notes

  • 1 pack of highlighters

  • 1 in. binder

  • Planner

  • Individual dry erase board with marker


  1. TESG now has an IT specialist to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Here is their contact information: You can reach them during regular school hours (M-F 8-3).

  2. You will need access to technology each day. TESG is offering Chromebooks for you to check out if you need one.

  3. If you are unable to use Zoom because of WiFi issues, you can complete conferences using Google Voice or Google Meet.

2020-2021 Distance Learning Expectations!

  1. Attendance is taken everyday and recorded in PowerSchool. It MUST be submitted at 11:00 am each day. In order to be counted as present, you must....

(1) fully participate in daily morning meeting

OR (preferably 'and')

(2) submit work on Google Classroom


(3) make contact with teachers via a school-related Zoom, email, or Google Voice call.

If you do not participate in morning meeting, submit work, or make contact with a teacher each morning, you will be counted as absent.

  1. Work will be posted on Google Classroom by the beginning of the school day (8am). All work is due on Sunday at 11:59pm to Google Classroom. It will be beneficial for you to begin keeping an agenda (physical copy or use one online) so you can keep track of what you're doing each day. There is a calendar page on this website where each teacher will input their due dates. All of your work must be submitted via Google Classroom not email or your Google Drive folder from last year.

  1. Each student will meet with their homeroom teacher once every other week via Zoom/phone for an individual conference. That link will be sent via Google Classroom.

  1. During teacher office hours (Q&A: Questions & Answers), you may call the Google Voice number or join the Zoom call. Outside of our office hours, the only form of communication you can use is email.