Our Learning

Te Puna School Values

Graduate students leave with skills in thinking, relating to others, understanding languages, symbols & texts, managing self, participating & contributing, in order to continue their lifelong learning journey. 

Te Puna school has a unique set of values which underpin all learning experiences. Read on below to discover these...

AIM HIGH | Te Rangituanehu

Learners are encouraged to aim high personally, socially & academically. We encourage students to acknowledge their strengths & dare to dream.

BE HEARD | Korokoro tui

Learners are encouraged to find their voice, be articulate & listen with understanding & empathy.

BE YOURSELF | Oku tapuwae

Learners are encouraged to know their strengths & weaknesses, to set personal goals & develop to their full potential. They will value their individuality.

CARE | Pa harakeke

Learners are encouraged to develop care & respect for themselves, others, property & the environment.


Learners are inspired to 'get stuck in' & 'give it a go' in a safe environment. We actively participate, take risks & find fun in learning.

HONOUR OUR HERITAGE | O tatou taonga

Learners respect our past & uniqueness. We have a strong sense of identity & value community participation.