Supporting Indigenous Learners in Mathematics

Pijashin! Welcome!

This virtual session is different from others in the RMS Virtual Series. Rather than doing the learning in Adobe Connect, we pre-recorded session material and posted the facilitative supports to this site so that participants can experience the learning from where they are or with community partners at any time.

On the day of the live session, groups posted their thinking to several Google documents and the session facilitators made comments throughout. As your group conducts its own conversations, you might also wish to browse through the posted conversations to see what others were thinking, interact with their ideas and expand your circle a little bit further.

It is certainly not a prerequisite for you to participate in a team, but learning is often more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with. So consider who you can invite as there are multiple opportunities for discussion. We encourage you to use the contents of the sessions to support local discussions and partnerships with First Nation, MĂ©tis and Inuit partners.

In this series, there are four sessions. Each session has been divided into multiple parts. Feel free to structure the course as you wish and set your own pace for learning. For example, each of the parts in Session 1 could be viewed over a number of lunch hours or over PLC meetings. Note that all resources can be accessed under the Resources tab at top of page and/or by clicking on a link indicated by underlined text e.g., Hair Bone Pipe Bead Template.

We're glad you can join us and we hope you find this approach to professional learning helpful.

Acknowledgement: Traditional Algonquin Territory

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