Leadership Clubs and Councils

Currently we are only running clubs VIRTUALLY and not all extracurriculars are running. Right now the only clubs operating virtually are:

Computer Science Club - Mr. Loo and Mr. Lu

Math Club - Mr. Tam

Debate Club - Mr. Tam

BEAT - Ms. Tutchener

Bethune Journal - Mr. Till and Ms. Anderson


Applications: https://forms.gle/zczSpuu9AqWqA14c8

Bethune Music Council - Mrs. Kilbride and Mr. Ross

Bethune Virtual Band(s) - Mrs. Kilbride and Mr. Ross

Bethune Science Olympics - Mr. Harrop

Virtual Rugby Club - Mr. Lee

Bethune Creative Arts Council - Ms. Rappos; Ms. Rzezniczek; Mr. Chard

GSA - Mr. Oortwyn

HOSA - Ms.Kim and Ms. Pitt

Breakfast Club - Ms. Tenn

White Pine Book Club - Ms. Blom

Athletic Bears Council - Ms. Aziz

Yearbook - Ms. Blom

DECA - Ms. Yeung

Jazz Choir - Ms. Blom

Chinese Association - Ms. Selvam

Design@Bethune - Mr. Mueller

We will update this if any new groups start up virtually in the future.

Athletic Bears Council (ABC) - Staff Advisor: Ms. Aziz

This club is responsible for hosting intramurals at lunch, doing lines and scores for all home games which take place in the gyms, fundraising for various causes, selling athletic apparel and organizing the annual ABC Banquet at the end of the year.

ABC meets on Mondays after school in G101.

New members can apply at the start of the school year. Executive positions are elected by members of the committee.

ABC Applications (New Members)

ABC Applications (Returning Members)

Bethune Creative Arts Council (BCAC) - Staff Advisors: Ms. Rappos and Ms. Rzezniczek

We bring an awareness and appreciation of the visual and dramatic arts to Bethune.

Meetings are held on Tuesdays at lunch in T102. Executive meetings are held in the BCAC Office.

BCAC General Member Application

BCAC Executive Applications

Bethune Environmental Action Team (BEAT) - Staff Advisor: Ms. Tutchener (Volunteer Advisor: Ms. Carr)

The Bethune Environmental Action Team (B.E.A.T.) is Bethune's eco-club. Our focus in on school-ground greening, waste reduction, green transportation, healthy communities, and energy conservation.

BEAT meetings are held on Mondays after school in the Upper A-wing.

Some positions on BEAT require an application, while general membership is open to all students throughout the year.

BEAT Executive Member Applications

Bethune ESL Mentors (BEM) - Staff Advisors: Ms. Soni and Ms. Wright

The Bethune Mentor Program is designed to provide one-on-one language and social/emotional support for ELLs and at-risk students. By the end of the program, this support will translate into both academic and social/emotional improvement. Successful mentors do not necessarily have to be high achievers, but should have qualities that allow them to be good mentors for our students.

BEM meets on Fridays at lunch in C104

New members are welcome to apply at the end of each school year for the upcoming school year.

BEM Applications

Bethune Music Council (BMC) - Staff Advisors: Mrs. Kilbride and Mr. Ross

The Bethune Music Council is a group of students who gather on a weekly basis to discuss and design music related activities and events. Every year, they plan events such as: Grade 9 music student welcome, Winter Concert Miracle Minute, Mother's Day Carnation Sales, Arts Banquet, Arts Retreat activities and leadership/team building games, Feeder School area day, hoodie sales, and the Halloween Haunted House. They also assist the music teachers with fundraising tasks and other department jobs. Students are eligible to apply to be on music council in September of their grade 9 or 10 year. President, Vice President and Executive Positions are chosen in June. Executive positions include: Secretary, Fundraising Director, Public relations, and Feeder School Liaison

Meetings are held in room C103 on Monday/Tuesday mornings.

BMC Executive Application

General Member Application 2019-2020

Blaze - Staff Advisor: Mr. Ishiguro

Blaze is the school's audio-visual production team which assists in the running of school-wide events, including assemblies, talent shows, awards ceremonies, among other events.

Blaze meets on Fridays after school, new members can apply in the fall.

Blaze Applications

If you require the services of Blaze for your event, please get your staff advisor to complete the Blaze Request form available on AW.

Healthy Schools - Staff Advisors: Ms. Villamin-Arenas

Bethune’s Healthy Schools Committee is a leadership club that promotes health literacy to the school population. We do this by educating and promoting healthy lifestyle choices through various events during the school year. Our past projects have included working closely with Toronto Public Health to raise awareness about Diabetes and Heart Health, a stress-free lounge during the summative period, and promoting Nutrition through competitions and contests. We also are responsible for running Bethune’s annual Be Well Bethune Week and visits from therapy dogs. Currently, Bethune’s Healthy Schools Committee is comprised of four Executive Student Leaders, two Staff Advisors, a nurse from Toronto Public Health, and general student members. The executive team meets once a month and we also run general meetings monthly. However, during times when we are running events or working on projects, some members will be required to meet more frequently. If you are interested in being involved in overall Health promotion and education then we are the club for you.

Healthy Schools Executive Applications

Healthy Schools Reapplications

Healthy Schools New Member Application

REPs - Staff Advisor: Mr. Ishiguro

The REPs set up for and help out at various events throughout the year and are involved in conducting tours of the school for parents and future Bethune students.

Students can apply to join REPs in Spring 2019. There is not a regular meeting time, meeting are held as needed throughout the school year.

REPs Application Form

Student Activity Council (SAC) - Staff Advisor: Mr. Malisani

SAC aspires to be the foundation of school spirit at Bethune. We organize exciting activities and events including; Grade 9 BBQ, Semi-Formal, Talent Show, End of Year Carnival and all Spirit Days. SAC also serves as the voice of the students by representing each student at Bethune. We try to act as leaders by effectively articulating ideas in order to inspire and motivate others to accomplish common goals for the good of the school and school community.

SAC representatives are elected by the student body. Elections are held in May (for the following school year), and September (for incoming grade 9 Reps).

SAC meets on Mondays at lunch in the SAC office (across from the Library).

SAC Candidate Election Form

SAC Rules for Candidates

Yearbook - Staff Advisor: Ms. Blom

This is a team of approximately 30 students who design and prepare the pages which will make up the yearbook for all students. There are various positions available:

  • Editors (must have been a member for at least 1 year)

  • Section Head (must have been a member for at least 1 year)

  • General members

  • Photographers

Yearbook Meetings are Friday after school in the Library (September - April)

All new members are interviewed in September, while returning members apply in May, once the the yearbook has been sent to the publisher.

2019-20 NEW Yearbook Member Application (including photographers)

Yearbook Returning Member, Section Head, and Editor Applications