Welcome to the Triad CUSD #2 Health Services Website!

All Triad CUSD #2's health offices are supervised by a certified school nurse.  The office provides general health care services, including emergency first aid, health assessment, management of chronic health issues, vision and hearing screening, health record management and medical accommodations.  The health office also monitors any infectious diseases in the school and reports to the County Health Department. 

Any child who feels ill during the school day should talk with the teacher.  The teacher will write a pass to the nurse’s office, if he/she feels it is necessary.  Students who feel ill must see the nurse before being excused to go home.  

Parents should inform the health office if their child has any special health needs (such as asthma, diabetes, migraines, seizure disorders, severe allergic reactions, social or emotional problems, daily medications, physical or sensory deficits, or any other serious medical issues). It is imperative that the school nurse be informed of any serious medical issues, so that prompt and appropriate care can be given. 

ANY medication that needs to be given at school must be authorized by a licensed prescriber.  This includes over the counter medication such as ibuprofen and benadryl. The Administration of Medication Form must be completed by the student’s physician and parent/guardian and turned into the school nurse BEFORE medication will be given at school.