Dr Ren-In You


Laboratory of Medicine and Biotechnology

Tzu-Chi University



E306, 701 Sec 3 Zhong-Yang Road, Hualien 97004, Taiwan

Phone number

+886-3-8565301 ext 2339 (office) ext 2340 (Lab)



Research interest

Drug resistance and immunomodulation in cancers.

Host immune response and regulation in pathogen infection.


  • Investigation of epigenetic regulation mechanism of RNA granules in anticancer drug resistance
  • Establishment, validation and application of a mouse immune-modulatory platform
  • Viral factors-IRFs-IDO induction loop in HCV persistence regulate host immune response and virus replication
  • Molecular mechanisms for FIP on multiple RTKs via targeting to carbohydrate modified motif


  • Molecular biology (RT-qPCR, Western blot, ELISA, EMSA, ChIP)
  • Cellular biology (Confocal microscopy, Flow cytometry, IHC, IF)
  • High throughput screening validation (DNA methylation array, miRNA array, lectin array, lectin blot)

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Lab members

Chen CS

Project Manager / Taiwan Cancer Accurate Medical Program (Colorectal Cancer and Microbial Phase)

Project Manager / Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Translation Innovation Development Program (TSPA) - International Cooperation Group

Contact information

Techniques: Animal model, dendritic cell culture, ELISA, RT-qPCR, Western blot



Simarmata A

Cell Biologist /Formulatrix Indonesia biotechnology company, Dept. Mechanical Engineering

Techniques: Cell stable clone, colony formation, flow cytometry, RT-qPCR

Contact information

Chen CY

Military training (Taiwan)

Techniques: Animal model, intestine analysis, flow cytometry, Mass

Contact information

Malathy Ravinath D

Master training (Taiwan)

Techniques: Primary muscle cell culture, EMSA, flow cytometry, RT-qPCR, Western blot


Medical technologist/Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Contact information

Techniques: http://lms.tzuchi.com.tw/hl/moodle19/


  • A benzenoid 4,7-dimethoxy-5-methyl-l,3-benzodioxole from Antrodia cinnamomea attenuates dendritic cell-mediated Th2 allergic responses in a mouse food allergy model.

You RI, Lee YP, Su TY, Lin CC, Chen CS, Chu CL. (Submitted)

  • Involvement of N-glycan in multiple receptor tyrosine kinases targeted by Ling-Zhi-8 for suppressing HCC413 migration

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