5th Grade

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Welcome to Fifth With Ms. Heine! I am so thrilled to be your teacher this year!

Take a look around the site - this is the place to keep up to date with the focus of the upcoming week, homework, additional resources for home, The Coffee Cup Schedule, and more. Please let me know if you have any questions!


School Phone: 858-576-2120 Ext. 302

Email: sheine@tcps.org

TCPS Website: www.tcps.org

Class Website: Under Families Tab, Under Class Sites

Getting in Touch with Teachers

  • Teachers are available before and after school. I will be available at 8:15am every morning! If you need to meet before that, please email me so we can schedule it!
  • On Tuesday afternoons we must be upstairs by 3:15 for staff meetings.
  • Teachers will be at the check-out area during dismissal.

Don’t be shy, come on by! – Please feel free to come talk with me before or after school, I love talking with you!

Student Overview


-Math homework is given out on Monday and will be due Friday. The spiral math review is meant to practice current skills and review skills already taught in class.

-Students will be expected to use their student planner to fill in any extra homework for the day/week.

-Please feel free to check your child’s homework but leave errors. This helps me to plan the next steps to success!

-Students are required to complete a reading log each month. The student needs to read for at least 20 minutes for 12 days out of the month. They will record their efforts on the reading log.

Absent Work

-If your student is absent from school, they can turn in make-up work by the following Monday.

-The student is responsible for checking the absent folder and asking the teacher for any other missed work.

Late Work

-Late work will be accepted until Monday after the assignment was due, but only partial credit will be given.

-Please feel free to email or call me, if your child will need extra time on any assignment or homework.


-Students are responsible for bringing an independent reading book to school everyday.

-Students will complete three book report/projects this year.

-In addition to reading in the classroom, students should be reading at least 20 min per night.

Responsibility as a TCPS Community

*We follow the KEYS and “own” our choices. We take care of the classroom and the school together.


We love to celebrate birthdays and do so with a mini celebration!

  • We celebrate at the end of the day.
  • Please contact me beforehand, if you would like to provide special snack and napkins- please keep it simple!
  • Please do not include hats, favors, and other decorations.

Summer birthday? No worries!

  • We’re happy to celebrate half birthdays too!



Lunch Policy

  • Students will bring home what’s not eaten
  • Lunch time is first and foremost for eating!
  • We will spend 15 minutes eating, chatting, and cleaning before 15 minutes of lunch play time.

Top Notch Catering

  • Our Hot Lunch program is a great option for some families.
  • All ordering and payment will be done online..
  • Check the TCPS website for more information!