It is the mission of (TCCS) Teaneck Community Charter School to provide a nurturing environment in which students realize their full intellectual potential and become self-directed learners, who make both pragmatic and creative use of basic skills and who understand and appreciate the cultural diversity of our society. The faculty, staff, parents, extended family, and other members of a child’s support network are committed to creating and operating a student-centered “learning community” which promotes and supports a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge. This learning community will follow a “living curriculum” -- an experiential, interdisciplinary study that encompasses literacy, critical thinking, and responsible social interaction while empowering each child to demonstrate his/her unique interests and abilities.

TCCS engages in a regular curriculum review and revision cycle to update and align each curricular area with updated standards released by the State of New Jersey Department of Education.

On June 3, 2020, the State Board of Education adopted the 2020 NJSLS in the following content areas:

The district will continue to review and revise curriculum to meet State guidelines for implementation deadline of September 2022 for each standard set.

Please click below to review the curriculum and resources for specific subject areas:

Thank you Sonia Torres, Ralph Gallo, the curriculum committees, and the teachers for all of their hard work revising the curriculum and bringing the curriculum to "life" in the classroom.