Q. What rights do you acquire and what is the royalty rate offered?

Our contract is for electronic and print rights for five years. We do not currently offer advances. We pay royalties at 45% of net sales. For print sale, we pay royalties of 10% of the RRP.

Q. How often are royalties paid?

There are four royalty payments made over the year, paid in three-monthly installments.

Q. Do you accept previously published books?


Q. Are there any subjects that you do not publish?

The following subjects we consider "taboo" and will not publish. We do not accept works that contain pedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, rape presented in a positive light, or bodily functions as sexual activities.

Q. How long should I expect to wait for an answer on my submission?

Our current read time is approximately eight-twelve weeks.

Q. If successful, how long will it take for my book to be published?

Our aim is to publish books within twelve months of contract.

Q. Will my book be edited?

Yes. Once a contract has been signed, you will work directly with the acquisitions editor as well as the Hot Tree Editing who will work with you to polish the book. We do recommend you self-edit your manuscript as much as possible prior to submission.

Q. Can I use my own cover art?

No. Tangled Tree Publishing will be responsible for all cover art. You will be asked to provide detailed information about the book and your characters which the cover artist will use when creating the cover.

Q. Will my book be released in print?

Yes. While the expectation is the majority of sales will be through digital download, print copies will be made available on release by Print on Demand. Print books will be widely available in online retailers, and through special order to libraries and physical bookstores.

Q. Do I have to pay Tangled Tree Publishing for anything?

No. We are a full-service publisher, NOT a vanity press. There are NO publication or production fees to the author at any time. We provide marketing and promotion support for works published through Hot Tree Publishing. However, you are also responsible for the continued marketing and promotion of your published work, in addition to any other author costs. The author is responsible for other published works, promotional needs and author's name brand. For example: swag, website fees, giveaways, author signings.