SRLx 2017

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The Sketch Recognition Lab eXperience 2017

directed by Tracy Hammond

@ TAMU REC Center, Room No. 2229 ,

797 Olsen Blvd, College Station, TX 77845

November 13-17

SRLx is a multi-day symposium highlighting state-of-the-art research on activity recognition (eye, body, and sketch motions), haptics, intelligent fabrics, app development, Computer Vision, AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, HCI, and UX Design. Presenters will include Sketch Recognition Lab members, alumni, and collaborators. Participants will learn about and discuss the implications of ground-breaking research in both academia and industry.

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SRL Alumni are proficient in Sketch Recognition, AI, Machine Learning, and UI / UX and looking for intern and full-time positions as software engineers and designers

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Event Organizers: SRL- Lab ( Texas A&M University.

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