Coral Reefs

A coral reef harbors as much life as a rainforest. (Photo courtesy California Academy of Sciences)

"Cradle to Myriads of Species

Millennia to Create

Moments to Destroy"

- Jim Morris

"There has long been a belief that the sea, at least, was inviolate,

beyond man's ability to change and to despoil. But this belief, unfortunately, has proved to be naive."

- Rachel Carson

"Pollution, overfishing, and overuse have put many of our unique reefs at risk. Their disappearance would destroy the habitat of countless species. It would unravel the web of marine life that holds the potential for new chemicals, new medicines, unlocking new mysteries. It would have a devastating effect on the coastal communities from Cairns to Key West, Florida -- communities whose livelihood depends upon the reefs."

- President Bill Clinton