Ocean World

Welcome to Ocean World! This program is designed to inform students and educators on the latest topics of the oceanic world. The following web pages will dive into the mysteries found above and below the waves including the worlds of: fisheries, weather, forams, icebergs, coral reefs, and ice ages - just to name a few. Each page involves a set of subsections that address the various phenomenons of these topics and the roles that they play in the world which we live in.

Did you know that mollusks feed between 30 and 40 million people per year? Or that during the peak of the last ice age, one-third of the Earth’s land surface was covered in thick sheets of ice?? From these pages, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of how the oceanic world functions and the effects that humans have on these environments. As society continues to change and advance, it is our role to understand how we can protect these environments, and it all starts here with the knowledge of Ocean World.