Super Human Method

Superhuman Protocol

Your upgraded well-being starts here

Thousands of years ago, we were more connected to the earth. And nature. Our environment was pure

and modern-day troubles didn’t exist for our bodies to have to process. Back then, as parts of our body

connected with the ground, free electrons from Earth flowed into our bodies and served as our bio-

charger. This charge kept cells healthy so that they moved freely in the circulatory system,

communicating and carrying oxygen and nutrients to the eleven organ systems. Humans were healthy,

vital, energized, alkaline and recovered more easily from distress.

Over the years, stressors that have come from toxins and chemicals, combined with our disconnection

from the earth, have changed our “epigenetic environment.” Epigenetics is the science and study of how

our behaviors and environment can affect the way our genes operate. Epigenetics is the idea that if we

change the environment, we can change the gene expression. (Hint: We’re watching genes express

more poorly with each generation right now – if it can get worse, it can get better.)

Genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger.

The Superhuman Method is a supercharged way to magnetize, oxygenate, harmonize and “charge” our

bodies so that even with our fast-paced lifestyles and genetic and epigenetic stressors like immune

challenges, toxins, and emotional stress, etc., we can optimize our bodies and change our

“environment” so that we can feel superhuman.

Every choice we make is feeding dis-ease or fighting it. The Superhuman Method is part of a lifestyle

that is full of amplified and exponentially beneficial choices.

Imagine receiving Earth’s life-forming and life force sustaining elements in therapeutic levels. How do

we make our body’s circuits turn on and off and function properly? Are you ready to level-up on a

cellular scale and you want to feel like a Superhuman regardless of your age and condition?

Just as we no longer can get enough nutrition from our food and need to supplement nutrients to reach

our fullest potential, even if we are regularly connecting to the earth, we are not able to compensate for

the stressors in our life with grounding alone. The Superhuman method is what can help charge, oxygenate, harmonize and magnetize your body so that you may function optimally.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), is a bed that you lay on for up to one hour at a time which

provides benefits ranging from better circulation, pain reduction, improved, recovery, relaxation and

performance, improved immune system, better sleep, oxygenation of tissues and lower inflammation.

PEMF works to stimulate your Autonomic Nervous System which in turn can help with all of the above

and more.


The VEMI is Vectored ElectroMagnetic Induction, which enhances the body’s ability to heal itself by

creating a point of high physical, mental and cellular coherence without emitting any harmful electro

smog (EMF) radiation. This shifts the body into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state for 8-12 hours,

during which the body can experience extremely efficient and expedient healing. The VEMI also allows

the cells to resonate/vibrate and energize themselves naturally which helps to optimize cell function and

repair. The body reaches new and improved levels of health and wellness with each additional session.


Red light therapy is the application of red and near-infrared light to tissues in the body which can aid in

tissue repair, immune boosting, collagen production, reversing hair loss, depression, skin disorders,

arthritis and other chronic health challenges. It is a bed that you lay in for around 10 minutes that helps

with injured tissue, dis-ease or degeneration.


Cryotherapy is the practice of exposing the body to subzero temperatures. By subjecting the body to

extremely cold temperatures – anywhere from -200F to -300F – for a short period of time, around three

minutes, cryotherapy can promote natural anti-inflammatory responses, the release of endorphins and

the reduction of pain.