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Traditional healing practices rely on the relationship between patient and healer. Our technique is no different. We believe health is a process, not an answer, and that means it takes time. While our patients vary in the time it takes to reach their goals, we generally group the Symmetry Health Process into three phases.

PHASE I - Inital Consultation, Weekly Follow Ups 2-6 visits

During Phase I your practitioner will sit with you, listen to your concerns, and learn about factors that represent your individual environment. Using our specialized technique, we will provide you with a Report of Findings and work with you to develop a nutritional protocol that is tailored specifically to you.

PHASE II - Stabilization 6-10 visits

This part of the healing process requires less frequent visits based on your progress. During this phase, your practitioner will check-in and fine-tune your nutritional protocol as your body heals. Our bodies restore themselves by getting rid of old cells and building new ones. Because each body system is different the time it takes to heal differs from person to person.

PHASE III - Maintenance

This phase is entirely dependent on you. Once you’ve reached your goals it’s important to continue a healthy lifestyle. Typically, patients visit us quarterly for ‘tune ups’ during each seasonal change. The more often you are tested, the more your health can be monitored and the greater you benefit. We are here whenever you need us.


The following guidelines serve as a foundation during your health journey:

  1. Take your recommended supplements as listed on your Patient Blueprint. If you miss a dose, make it up at your next dosing time. If you miss more than one dose, skip them.

  2. Keep your visits as scheduled, both start and stop times.

  3. We don’t judge. We advise. We take the approach of meeting each patient at where they are. Faster or slower, you set the pace for your journey.

  4. If you are taking other supplements, continue to do so. You can bring them with you to your initial visits and we can help you determine if your body wants them.

  5. Nutritional supplements do not cause side effects, they are not drugs. Occasionally after starting your protocol, you may feel a temporary worsening or even feel “sick”. If this occurs, do not cancel your appointment. Contact us. We will advise you on whether changes to your protocol are necessary, or if you should be tested sooner. Sometimes these instances occur when the body undergoes a healing crisis (this is often a sign that the body is getting to work). Since we test for the right amount of supplements, it is not common to experience discomfort associated with your protocol.

We look forward to working with you.